About Us

Fulcrum Marketing Group is a National Direct Marketing Firm Headquartered in Chicago Illinois.  Fulcrum is an emerging sales force for hire company with over a decade of experience. We work with Investor-driven start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, Emerging companies and International companies looking to enter the US market. We offer innovative strategies and solutions for Energy Deregulation, Wireless, Security and Home Automation, and Cable industries. Our solutions provide sales and marketing strategies for all phases of penetration. Our strategic market insight and customized rapid execution allow our clients to build value, mitigate risk and accelerate revenue.

Our Story
We set out in 2007 to re imagine what a marketing firm could be. Founded by sales agents, and for sales agents who were tired of watching the bosses sit in the office and get rich while we went out and brought in the clients! At Fulcrum, the agents make as much as the company because they are equally responsible for our success !

Our Mission

To go to every city in America and level the playing field for direct sales agents!



Our agents have access to their activity reports, pay reports and even to the supplier for further clarification.



Agents should be able to trust the data they are receive comes directly from the supplier unaltered



Agents drive the revenue of the company. It is only fair they should share equally in its profits!



Fulcrum provides its agents with unparralled support. Solicitation Permits, Collatteral, Field Support and Training

Our Vision

To Give Our Agents Financial Freedom

Direct sales agents rarely get more than 30% of the profits they generate for the company . That means 70% goes to support, operations and profit.  Fulcrum is changing that ! Our agents earn  a minimum of 50% of contract value on their customers. They can earn as high as 70% based on volume and quality!

Fulcrum’s Executive Team


Brenton C Payne

Brenton C Payne

CEO / Founder

Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh

Director of Operations

Stephanie Franklin

Stephanie Franklin

Director of Human Resources and Compliance

Denon Dewalt

Denon Dewalt

Vice President of Sales

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