Our Services


Residential Door To Door

FMG will provide teams of highly qualified sales professionals to introduce, present, and close your consumer customer accounts.

Business to Business

Face to Face Sales for Business to Business

Marketing Events

Event management and staffing is what we do!




Retail Kiosks

We partner with you to launch and operate a retail kiosk unique and customized to your target audience.

Call Center

We take the sales process from start to finish over the phone.

Retail Locations

Co Branding Opportunities



Our Skills

Bringing our clients the customers they want while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Agent Acquisition

Fulcrum only contracts agents with the highest work ethic and quality standards

Agent Appreciation

We pay our agents like partners. Our agents earn 50%-70% of contract value.

Agent Perks
  • Recruiting Bonuses

  Fulcrum rewards its agents to find like minded individuals to join our team!

  • Winter Bonuses

We know its cold out there, That’s why we pay higher commissions in the winter time!

  • Production Bonuses

Agents who produce more earn a higher rate of commission!

  • Quality Bonuses

Agents who have quality production earn a monthly bonus on top of their awesome commission structure!

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that I am getting 50%-70% of contract?

Fulcrum allows its agents to see our contracts. Our supplier are allowed to talk freely on conference calls.

How do I know your reporting is clean?

Any time an agents questions the outcome of their deals, Fulcrum with facilitate a direct call with the supplier so they can get their questions answered first hand.

What types of perks do you offer to top producers?

Fulcrum rewards its top producers in many ways… Heated Winter Coats to keep you comfortable in the field, Trips to help you reset,  Sales Contests to push you!

I don't want to knock doors forever. How can Fulcrum help?

All of  the members of Fulcrum’s leadership came from the field! We can teach you how to build, manage and sustain your own team within our organizational structure. Our field managers are all 6 figure earners!

How else can I earn money with Fulcrum?

Fulcrum markets Energy, Security & Home Automation, Solar, Cable and Telecom. We over referal commission cross product platforms!

What do I need to do to become a Fulcrum Agent?

Contact our Human Resources Department and one of our recruiters will contact you to ensure it’s a two way fit!

What Our Agents Say About Us


Markus Webb

I’ve worked just about every street team there is. With Fulcrum, I get paid what i’m worth and I don’t have to worry about being cheated out of money!

~Markus Webb  Energy Sales, Fulcrum

Ken Davis

Being a door-to-door salesperson isn’t what it used to be, I myself have been in sales for as long as I can remember. Working with many of companies selling a vast variety of products and services. The one similarity I have seen with these companies through out my career is they will tell the employees whatever they want to hear to get them out there and sell, and in return they will be compensated for their efforts come payday. Sounds reasonable, RIGHT, until payday comes, and you receive your check and it doesn’t look right, and you ask about, and it falls on deaf ears or they give you the run around. This is very frustrating, unethical, and in some cases illegal. I was thinking of a career change, until I crossed paths with a Fulcrum representative one day in the field. I asked who they worked for and how long they have been there? They said 4 years.  I asked do you like it? They said, I love it and if you wish to know more go to the company website and apply and handed me a business card. I went home checked the company out online sent in an application and received a phone call the next day to come in for a interview. During the interview process I was pleasantly surprised with the upfront honesty and extremely high compensation they were offering. I decided to give them a chance, and three years later my only regret is that I didn’t find Fulcrum  sooner.

~Ken Davis  Security Sales , Fulcrum

Marquise King

Working places that don’t communicate well to their agents is frustrating in itself, but working somewhere with poor communication and behind the scenes shadiness with inaccurate pay and reports on deals is downright criminal. Working with Fulcrum, I have had no issues of that kind, I get paid on time, with an accurate report on all my deals

– Marquise King  Energy Sales, Fulcrum

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